Can I pick up my order instead of shipping it?

The cacao we sell is sold in full-size jute bags of 50 kg depending on the order. It is housed in warehouses specifically for Cacao Beans and shipped via freight trucks on wooden pallets.


If you are interested in purchasing bulk orders of cocoa beans, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, or cacao nibs, please Email us, we can place the order and help tailor it to your business, whether that is, a specific flavor profile, origin, certification, or price.


For small businesses and enthusiasts who are not interested in much Kg. of beans, we also sell cocoa beans by the kilo.


Our goal is to provide an easy and transparent experience for purchasing cacao.

What beans do you have available now? When are more beans coming

We are always available by phone or email for the most updated information on our inventory.


Bean availability is dependent on harvest cycles. While we do our best to keep beans in stock, they are all subject to selling out before a new harvest arrives. Our stock of cacao is offered on a first-come first-served basis. As such, we suggest thinking ahead about your cacao needs as our availability is subject to change.

Can I have a sample of your beans before I purchase?

All of our in-stock beans are available in 1-kilo and 5+kilo. We offer 1-kilo samples of beans to chocolate companies interested in purchasing beans by the pallet which is around 8 jute bags. For more information about the flavor profiles please email us. You can always contact us for further information about the flavor and quality of the beans.

What are the prices for your beans?

Bean prices vary by volume purchased. Please contact us for our most updated price guide.

What is the lead time for orders?

Once your order is finalized, it typically takes 2 days to get the shipment picked up by a trucking company and an additional 2-6 days of transit depending on your factory’s distance from our warehouses.

Is there a minimum purchase amount?

We do not have a minimum purchase amount. We are happy to serve any size business or Hand Made Artisans Chocolate Makers who wishes to use our beans! We sell beans by 1-kilo, 5-kilo, and 30-kilo. If you are interested in full jute bags of beans, we will sell you one bag or Pallets of bags, and anywhere in between. We offer price breaks for beans at 5 or more bags and again at 3 metric tons or more.

How do you accept payment? Do you offer terms?

Our policy for new customers is cash against release. After we establish a history with you of 3 or more orders, we can provide terms at our discretion. A finance charge of 1.5% per month will be applied to all delinquent accounts. We accept payment by debit or credit card, PayPal, check, and wire transfer. If you choose to pay with a credit/debit card or PayPal, we will charge a 3% processing fee.

Do you do heavy metal and microbial testing of your beans?

We do per Harvest heavy metal testing on all of the beans that we source. We also offer microbial testing for each lot that we ship from Ecuador and from Germany.


Where are, the beans stored?

We store full bags of cocoa beans (ranging from 50kgs to 70kgs each, depends on the order) at three different warehouses. The majority of our beans are kept at Konstanz, Germany. We also store some beans at Hamburg, Germany. Our headquarters and Fermenter offices has a small warehouse for storing a rotating selection of full bags as well In Ecuador most of the beans we ship to Germany.

How do you ship full bags of cacao?

Full bags of cacao are stacked on a wooden pallet, then wrapped with stretch wrap and strapped down. Shipped from Ecuador or Germany.

How many bags fit on a pallet?

A pallet fits up to 8+ full bags of cacao beans. Purchasing and shipping cacao in full-pallet increments will get you the lowest price per kilo in shipping and handling cost.

Can CCA arrange shipping for me?

Absolutely! We have competitive rates with freight carriers that we pass on to our customers. We can help you organize your shipment of beans.

Can I arrange my own shipping?

Yes! If you would like to arrange your own shipping, we can provide you with the necessary pickup and shipment information to pass along to the trucking company of your choosing.

Can I pick the bags up at the warehouse myself?

Yes, you can! If it is convenient for you to pick up the beans yourself at either of our warehouses, let us know and we’ll help arrange it. Be aware that the bags of beans are heavy (150 pounds or so) and so a big car or truck is best, especially for multiple bags. It usually takes two people to be able to move one bag! Pickup requires a 48-hour lead time. If you would like to pick up the beans in Konstanz, Germany / Hamburg or Ecuador, we require a one week lead time to make sure we have the beans in stock for your pickup.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do. We have lots of experience in export logistics and are able to ship beans internationally via air freight or ocean freight. We provide the necessary documentation, including phytosanitary certificates and certificates of origin, to enable a smooth import into your country. We love seeing our beans used in chocolate all over the world and we work with you directly on shipping quotes, samples, and more.

What if the cacao gets damaged in transit?

When your cacao ships, it is strapped on a pallet and wrapped tightly. As such, we rarely see damage of beans in transit. However, if your cacao beans arrived damaged or if some are missing, it is essential for insurance purposes that you note any damage before you sign off the delivery driver. After you notify the driver, please also notify CCA GmbH. and we will follow up accordingly.


When will my order ship?

We ship online orders within 3 days of their placement. You will receive an email with tracking information as soon as your order has shipped.

Who do I contact if there is a problem with my order?

Please email info@cca-gmbh.eu if there are any issues with your online order

Can I pick up my order instead of shipping it?

If you live in Konstanz or Hamburg, Germany or are coming through the area, we are happy to pack your order for pickup. Please email or call us to place your order, and we will have it ready for you. We recommend at least 24hr notice for will call orders in Konstanz or cities around.